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Linux "I was in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon and happened to spot Linus Torvalds sitting alone at a window table. I asked the creator of the Linux operating system and the Git source code control system if I could join him. Over the next fifteen minutes we talked about programming and programmers." Editor's Note: We've realized it's unclear whether this is a satirical interview or not. We don't know, so YMMV.
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What is the point...
by galvanash on Thu 27th Sep 2012 18:59 UTC
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...of linking to a completely fictitious interview? Or more importantly, what is the point of writing it?

I don't get it. Anyone who knows Linus would immediately know this is not him. I know the article is marked as "satire", but other than that is appears completely sincere - there is nothing even remotely funny about it.

Is someone actually trying to "smear" Linus? The motivation to do this is just totally lost on me.

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