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Apple I bought a brand new iMac on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure this will come as a surprise to some, so I figured I might as well offer some background information about this choice - maybe it'll help other people who are also pondering what to buy as their next computer.
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Totally with you on this, I've been playing with 486sx PC towers and windows 3.1 since 1990s and have always been pro windows and anti apple.

I think I just got bored with destroying towers to put better hardware and software into them every few months to keep them top notch, and to be fair, as many of you will admit, it can become a very expensive hobby.

I love music and photography, and found the likes of garageband and aperture absolutely brilliant (although I do have photoshop elements on my hard drive too), I feel that the likes of ilife really work, ntuitive and sometimes you don't want to be into the guts of software(and sometimes hardware) to do a specific job.

The fact is that some of the software that apple brings to the table is brilliant, however I hope that osx does not eventualy turn into iOS.

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