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Apple I bought a brand new iMac on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure this will come as a surprise to some, so I figured I might as well offer some background information about this choice - maybe it'll help other people who are also pondering what to buy as their next computer.
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Correct, and I admit that was my failure.

I learnt the hard way ;)

and to the moron who's screaming sheepie, There is not another program that can deal with musical publishing and recording on a household level on a budget that is as easy to use and intuitive as well as garageband or logic pro.

I would know, I've bought them all, and in my opinion(not fact) these two programs are the best at what they do.

If these programs were available for pc format then I would not have looked at a mac.

on a different note, I do not agree with the way apple is suing everyone just now, but if I was going for principle then I wouldn't have touched windows neither. Who cares about principles when all you want is equipment or software that will do a job for you?

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