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Linux "I was in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon and happened to spot Linus Torvalds sitting alone at a window table. I asked the creator of the Linux operating system and the Git source code control system if I could join him. Over the next fifteen minutes we talked about programming and programmers." Editor's Note: We've realized it's unclear whether this is a satirical interview or not. We don't know, so YMMV.
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RE[8]: What is the point...
by tuma324 on Fri 28th Sep 2012 00:49 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: What is the point..."
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" He blames C++ because he thinks it is horrible, no providing any technical detail.

He hasn't fully explained his kernel abi position either. Yes he calls it "non-sense" but both Windows and OSX have one and don't suffer any performance benefits because of it.

Someone should ask him how a 3 year abi would slow down Linux. Like have him specifically point to a period in time where it would have caused problems. Or ask him if in-tree drivers are ever broken. Everyone who interviews him gets a geek crush and throws him softballs.

Everyone has their faults and Linus can be pigheaded.


"One of the core kernel rules has always been that we never ever break any external interfaces. That rule has been there since day one, although it's gotten much more explicit only in the last few years. The fact that we break internal interfaces that are not visible to userland is totally irrelevant, and a total red herring."

-- Linus Torvalds

Go read Linus and Ingo answer here:

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