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Apple I bought a brand new iMac on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure this will come as a surprise to some, so I figured I might as well offer some background information about this choice - maybe it'll help other people who are also pondering what to buy as their next computer.
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by REM2000 on Fri 28th Sep 2012 07:55 UTC
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I agree with mostly all of the sentiments of the article

I love the supported nature of the apple Eco system and they way the machines are really built to workstation class standards. Pc's are great but they are a lot more plasticy.

The chef reason I am a big fan of apple computers is that I work in it, I maintain and run pcs all day, when I come home I don't want to do that anymore. When I was a kid it wasn't so much of a problem as I had a lot more time. Now my time is more precious, I wanna go out with friends, catch a movie etc... So I want my computer to be reliable, I don't want to tweak or maintain updates upon updates and scans upon scans. I wanna do what I need to do quickly, such as importing photos editing them, sticking them in the cloud or taking them with me on a memory stick, I just don't have time to keep messing about.

Slightly off topic, at the moment I'm seeing a bit of a decline in apples push to new and daring technology and design, with the release of the iPhone 5, which is just a 4s with an extra row of icons. I mention this as I hope that it has no bearing on their desktop line, that they don't rock it too much and in the same breath don't allow it to wither away and die.

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