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Windows has just posted their 45-page, 40-screenshot review of Microsoft Windows 8. The review covers many different aspects of the OS including performance, security, application compatibility, and more. "Is Windows 8 a hit or miss? It's a hit, it is clearly Microsoft's most bold development in years, it probably beats out the transition from Program Manager (Windows 3X) to Windows 95, the move from Windows 9x to the NT Kernel. The Windows 8 platform represents so many things: truly touch centric, support for modern processor architectures, fast and fluid as Microsoft puts it and also represents where the majority of the world is heading when it comes to computing, entirely mobile."
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RE[7]: Hmmm
by Neolander on Fri 28th Sep 2012 17:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Hmmm"
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And IIRC Windows Vista and Windows 7 supported XPDM drivers - the experience wasn't pleasant but it has been only in Windows 8 where they removed such support.

Unpleasant as in half of the new graphics-related features missing, software compatibility breakages (some core Vista API features like Direct3D 10 do happen to require WDDM drivers to work), and Windows Update constantly nagging you to install the unfinished WDDM driver instead ?

Might as well use the VESA fallback drivers then. Which, mind you, have been of unmatched quality on Windows for as far as I can remember. One has to wonder why on the OSS side of things, stupid Xorg just drops users to a command line with satanic imprecations when a driver doesn't work, instead of just trying a fallback driver like Windows does.

10 years supporting a display driver API is pretty damn good in my books when compared to, as you noted, Linux distributions lack not only inter-compatibility but compatibility moving forward if the kernel is updated with a patch. Remind me of my experience with Fedora where a new kernel would be released but have to wait for a recompile and repackaging of the nVidia drivers with a hope that nothing has been broken with the update.

Man, that's two people now who explicitly ignore that I wrote exactly that very thing in my previous post. And seem to assume that I claimed that Windows is as bad as Linux distros for everyday software updates, which is also perfectly untrue : I was only talking about in-place (or "distro", if you want) upgrades. Updates are, as I also stated previously, a distro-dependent manner : some distros do them relatively right, some don't.

The first time around I just ignored the reply with disdain, but it does sound like I have to ask it openly : do you two really want to see me as a Linux zealot so badly because I happen to state disturbing things your favorite OS, that you wil not hesitate to ignore large chunks of my posts to this end ? As in, in your mind, I must be some kind of religious fanboy if I don't agree with you ?

There is a reason why it isn't worth replying to Neolander - end of the day I've been coming here less and less as the quality of the contributing posts have been sliding further and further down hill.

Each time I have this feeling myself, it turns out to be caused by high activity from posters which I don't like (which are, in my case, mostly extremists which will write the worst bullshit to defend their company, OS or device of choice). You should probably be careful not to fall into the same psychological trap. Just saying.

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