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General Development As REBOL has been referenced several time on OSNews, I thought that some here may be interested to know that its author has announced that REBOL will be open-sourced. The R3 source code will most likely be released under the GPLv2 license.
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yes, the problem is, this comes about 5 years too late.
Rebol delayed and delayed and delayed and delayed, till they want now to make it open source... since otherwise it will delay even more.
Now it will take time till R3 will be released officially, till it will become stable, and then someone need to port it to syllable. Porting the GUI part, will be a problem, since this will need some own work from the syllable "team" (what team, in fact, but let's call it team). And this will very very very likey never ever happen. The natie GUI in syllable (the api) has itself lots of bugs and problems, that nobody touched since many years, and so dont exact that someone will port the gui part of rebol to syllable.
It's more likely that someone will port it to haiku as a GSoC project. And perhaps based on that work one could start porting it to syllable, but even that variant is very very unlikely.

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