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Apple I bought a brand new iMac on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure this will come as a surprise to some, so I figured I might as well offer some background information about this choice - maybe it'll help other people who are also pondering what to buy as their next computer.
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by darknexus on Sat 29th Sep 2012 09:23 UTC
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I don't understand all the animosity here. I really don't. Thom bought an iMac, and now everyone starts saying he doesn't know what he's doing when he builds his own machines, and a whole lot of other bullshit conclusions pulled out of their asses? Are we dealing with technology here or some religion? It's getting quite difficult to tell the difference, and I'm wondering why Thom even bothers to write anything here if this is the response he gets. This place is starting to remind me more and more of Slashdot; it's getting impossible to have a real discussion about oses and machines here due to the fanatics going mod-crazy and hurling insults from the peanut galleries. If you don't like someone else's choice, that's fine. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, imho. There is, however, no need to degenerate into baseless insults when you don't agree and, in fact, it says far more about you fanatics than it does about the person being insulted. This arrogant religious elitism displayed by so many on here really needs to stop.

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