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Gnome "Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 3.6, the latest version of the popular free desktop, as well as the GNOME developer platform. GNOME 3.6 is the third major update of GNOME 3. It builds on the foundations that we have laid with the previous 3.x releases and offers a greatly enhanced experience. The exciting new features and improvements in this release include a new login experience, integrated input methods, a refresh of the message tray, support for more online accounts, improved accessibility, and many more."
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Gnome 3 could become the leading Linux desktop again, provided that:

1. reversed some technical decisions (bring back a panel, get rid of the modal design),
2. detach from the designers and their ideas that brought (1).

Only then Gnome could become useful to their users, and only then the project could win back their trust. And that would still mean that Gnome would have to work their way up from a much user-base than it used to have 3 years ago.

As it is, it is a nice toy for 10-20% of Linux users but it won't be the dominant Linux desktop, and it won't be setting the direction of Linux development.

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