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General Development As REBOL has been referenced several time on OSNews, I thought that some here may be interested to know that its author has announced that REBOL will be open-sourced. The R3 source code will most likely be released under the GPLv2 license.
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Cipri - I got used to you to spoil every possible Syllable related news post :-), but man - why to spoil the news, which is REBOL only related?

Also - I really don't care about what you or other ppl, not using REBOL in the past, think about the open-sourcing activity coming too late. Simply put - there are some ppl out there, who depend on REBOL based solutions, and to those ppl, it is important message.

However, as Henrik states - Red/System is done, Red itself materialises day by day. In January, we will probably see alpha release, which spans even Android, where R3 never landed. So - the only thing you might ask is - why yet another programming language? You know, that question exists for ages with no satisfactory answer :-)

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