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Gnome "Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 3.6, the latest version of the popular free desktop, as well as the GNOME developer platform. GNOME 3.6 is the third major update of GNOME 3. It builds on the foundations that we have laid with the previous 3.x releases and offers a greatly enhanced experience. The exciting new features and improvements in this release include a new login experience, integrated input methods, a refresh of the message tray, support for more online accounts, improved accessibility, and many more."
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RE[4]: Problems with Gnome
by ssokolow on Mon 1st Oct 2012 08:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Problems with Gnome"
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My point is, that Linux users can do really crazy thing to have a scanner, or wifi, or graphics card working. It really needs some skill to properly configure xorg, or ndiswrapper&ifcfg file. And it's okay, always were, since it works. For newcomers it takes hours with mc and various blogs to really make it right.

And now we have official Gnome site with switches, screenshots, basically like AppStore. It's so easy. Than why complain?

I think it's a matter of perception. With drivers, you're fixing a problem caused by hardware makers who may not even know you exist and, if they do, they never gave a #$%^ about you. Neglect is passive.

With GNOME 3, you're using software that is being actively designed to try to deprecate the workflow its designers previously encouraged you to adopt. Design is active and intentional.

The point is that you can't feel betrayed unless you first feel that the other party was aware of your existence in at least an abstract sense.

Disclaimer: I run LXDE and have since I switched away from KDE 4, but I felt the same way about various changes in KDE 4. (Like the marginalization and bit rot of Konqueror in favor of Dolphin... which has crippled (locked to DolphinPart) KPart support by design to mask the fact that KIOSlaves+KParts = no-features web browser = Dolphin is a pointless reinvented wheel)

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