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General Development "Everyone seems to have a replacement for JavaScript - Google even has two. Now Microsoft has revealed that Anders Hejlsberg has been working on a replacement and it has released a preview of TypeScript. TypeScript is open source - Apache 2.0 license - and a superset of JavaScript. As you would expect from a Hejlsberg language it incorporates type checking, interfaces and lots of syntactic sugar."
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Even simple things like zebra striping in IE8 don't work (via nth-child, or any :nth selectors), selection::, :not, border-radius, TONS of css issues when styling tables (tbody scrolling took so long to only barely work in ie ;) ), opacity issues (have to use the IE filters hacks).

IE 8 doesn't support CSS 3, it supports CSS 2.1. There are plenty of polyfills that are already available.

Though IE8 is miles ahead of IE7. In IE8, it usually just doesn't support the feature, in IE7 and IE6, it would botch it terribly instead of letting you gracefully fallback. I can live with having to support IE 8 for a while longer. In the corporate world it'll be common for a while since it's the last IE browser for XP ;) (that's what I meant by "the new IE6"... it's here for a while)

Yeah I agree with this. Though most of the problems were hasLayout, alpha transparency and some of the default browsers styles were a bit messed up with forms. When I still had to support IE6, I still managed okay with a small IE6 stylesheet and tried to write my CSS to work across everything.

My argument is that corporate internet doesn't need rounded corners and other pretty things.

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