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Apple "Apple has changed its iOS developer guidelines, adding a clause (on September 12, a source tells me) that reads: 'Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.' That's a change that could have wide-reaching effects, especially on promotion models that offer developers a paid top slot on app recommendation offerings like FreeAppADay, Daily App Dream and more." Weird clause. Doesn't really seem to address any issue I can think of.
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It may be legal and may be logical for Apple, but from a consumer or app creator's perspective it is greedy, raises the price of everything, and I think leans closely toward what I would consider to be monopolistic practices.

I agree it's greedy and clearly Apple is taking advantage of the amount of control it exercises. But just as you say the developer has the right to do this "In [Their] own app", couldn't it be argued that Apple have the right to put T&Cs on "their own" app store?

It does smack a bit of monopolistic behaviour, however isn't the smart phone market sufficiently competitive for developers to ditch the iOS in favour of Android (hopefully eventually others OSes) if they don't like those T&Cs?

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