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Linux Linux kernel 3.6 has been released. There are new features in Btrfs: subvolume quotas, quota groups and snapshot diffs (aka "send/receive"). It also includes support for suspending to disk and memory at the same time, a TCP "Fast Open" mode, a "TCP small queues" feature to fight bufferbloat; support for safe swapping over NFS/NBD, support for the PCIe D3cold power state; and VFIO, which allows safe access from guest drivers to bare-metal host devices. Many small features and new drivers and fixes are also available. Here's the full list of changes
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These days we have things like Thunderbolt which exposes DMA space to external bus devices, so IO virtualization is not just for improving hypervisor performance anymore. We can't continue treating DMA as a shared privileged resource. Each device needs its own isolated and untrusted address space, much like userspace. If the devices have their own DMA space, then their drivers no longer need to run in kernel mode, and supporting userspace drivers just becomes a matter of providing a syscall interface for allocating DMA space.

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