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Microsoft "This week marked the real launch of the new home page. And as someone who has been involved on and off with the project from the moment it was conceived, I thought I'd tell you the story, albeit extensively abridged, behind the new Grab a seat." I love the new Microsoft site. It looks very clean and focused.
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RE: Redesign
by kwan_e on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 05:14 UTC in reply to "Redesign"
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Apple have the same website since the first time I went there to download Quicktime. The CSS changed a few time from OS9 to bushed metal to glossy/Aqua to plan gradient to the current one, but the overall site is the same. How many time Microsoft changed their site over the years?

If Microsoft changes their look-and-feel from time to time, it's them trying too hard. If Apple maintains almost the same bland look, it's just being innovative.

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