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General Development "Originally published in 1978 and updated in 1988, The C Programming Language is considered a 'must-read' classic by most programmers and is generally known simply as 'K&R'. To mark the publication of an ebook version of the 1988 second edition, we interviewed coauthor Brian Kernighan about the C programming language, the book, and future trends." And an Oxford comma to boot. The way it should be.
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RE: How it should be done
by ssokolow on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 09:25 UTC in reply to "How it should be done"
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Agreed. Not only would it be less boring, but some of my best low-level learning has come from implementing and optimizing a pure Python metadata-extracting GIF parser.

(I'm primarily a Python and PHP programmer, but the only existing Python imaging libraries decoded the entire image into memory when all I wanted was to check whether the GIF was animated, maybe count frames, and maybe do a quick, superficial corruption check.)

In fact, python -m cProfile -s cumulative ... was where I got clued into how expensive syscalls are... and I'd already taken the entry-level and C/C++ programming courses my University offered.

(Sadly, I'd also read K&R when I had to make that discovery myself. It's an excellent book but makes the assumption that some other resource has already taught you things like what a buffer overflow is and why it's bad.)

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