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Microsoft "This week marked the real launch of the new home page. And as someone who has been involved on and off with the project from the moment it was conceived, I thought I'd tell you the story, albeit extensively abridged, behind the new Grab a seat." I love the new Microsoft site. It looks very clean and focused.
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I'm not all that impressed
by rain on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 16:07 UTC
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My initial impression was that the site is nice and clean. And the responsive design is very well made.

But when I pretended to be a visitor interested in their products I quickly lost interest in being there.
The navigation is, as mentioned by others, pretty messy. And the information isn't very well laid out. And there's actually too much information and too much irrelevant information on the pages of interest.

If I choose to "Explore Windows" from the main site I want to do exactly that, but the main thing presented to me is where I can buy a PC or other addon products. The same thing happens when I click "Explore Windows" on the actual Windows site.

Sure, it's a good thing that it's easy for me to find a new shiny PC if I decide that I want to use Windows. But they don't exactly bother to tell my WHY I would want to buy one.

Now, taking as mentioned by others. It presents the products in a VERY compelling way from the start. They present the main features without any clutter but they also allow me to dig deeper and find more information with easy navigation.
Their call to action is still easy to find but it doesn't get in my face.

In short, the message I get from MS is that they don't have a lot to offer but they would be happy to take my money.

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