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Windows Paul Allen, one of Microsoft's co-founders who left the company long ago, has posted on his blog about his experiences with Windows 8. He (surprise) likes it, but he does note a number of shortcomings and oddities - all of which are spot-on. However, he fails to address the core issue with Windows 8: it's forcing users to drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.
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Musings about Metro
by WorknMan on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 23:34 UTC
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The thing about Metro is that it's rather pointless for power users/geeks to criticize it, because the fact of the matter is that it's simply not made for us, and thus we're not the ones who are going to decide its fate. The REAL test for Metro is when the millions of tech tards get their hands on it. If they like it, it it wll be a success as far as MS is concerned. If not, MS is going to be in a world of hurt.

Of course, I can't imagine anybody liking Metro, whether they're computer literate or not. (I'm still advocating violence against the f--ktard who decided that horizontal scrolling was a good idea). But if there's one thing that the Wii and iPad have taught us is that techies don't know shit about what non-techies will or won't like. Do you remember when the iPad came out? Geeks around the world turned their noses up at it. 'Oh, this isn't OSX... it's just a big iPod Touch. It'll never sell.' Shows you how much we know, eh? So we'll just have to wait and see how well metro fares when the masses get a hold of it.

'BUT ... BUT ...', I hear you scream.... 'what about the rest of us?' Well, remember that Windows 7 is really nothing more than a natural evolution of Windows 1.0. So in regard to Metro, IF it is a hit with the masses, it's going to get better. Eventually it should mature to the point that MS can port full-blown versions of Visual Studio and MS Office to it, and then we can get some real apps on it. Perhaps by Windows 10? Who knows. But the point is that you're not going to install Windows 9 and find the desktop gone with Metro as it is now. MS may make dumb decisions sometimes, but they're not THAT stupid. If they were going to go this route, they would have done it in Windows 8.

So basically, the point of this post is to say don't worry about Metro. And stop bitching about it too - at least on sites like this. When you post a rant about Metro on a tech site, you're just preaching to the choir.

As it is, 95% of Metro can be avoided on Windows 8 if you want. And if having Metro act as a start menu offends you that much, either get a start menu replacement, or just stick with Windows 7. If you want to stick with a slower booting, slower running, less memory efficient OS just to have a popup start menu, more power to you. As for me? I'm taking the plunge. Native USB 3.0 support, taskbars on multiple monitors, native ISO mounting, hyper-V virtualization built in, a much improved task manger, etc. is worth the $40 upgrade price, IMO.

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