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Windows Paul Allen, one of Microsoft's co-founders who left the company long ago, has posted on his blog about his experiences with Windows 8. He (surprise) likes it, but he does note a number of shortcomings and oddities - all of which are spot-on. However, he fails to address the core issue with Windows 8: it's forcing users to drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.
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RE: Musings about Metro
by wojtek on Thu 4th Oct 2012 05:29 UTC in reply to "Musings about Metro"
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The thing about Metro is that it's rather pointless for power users/geeks to criticize it, because the fact of the matter is that it's simply not made for us, and thus we're not the ones who are going to decide its fate.


A long time ago I setup a computer for my (quite comp illiterate parents)... When to think about it it was quite 'metro style' - I made desktop icons as big as possible (setting dpi do 150%, putting a few 'games icons', one icon subtitled 'internet' that launched browser ;) ), hide away all not nececery to use. Most of the time they use 'internet', so in the browser they have only back/stop and star page with huge tiles to favourite websites. they don't use browser tabs, just read and go back. I'm aware it's plain dumb, but it's easy, works for them and they don't anything more (and I don't need to explain). Bottomline - win8 could work quite well for them even with a pointer and 22" display.

For me? I don't see myself using only one app at a time taking all the screen(s?) therefore currently I'm not inclined to try win8, however optimizations to the core are tempting (faster boot, better memory handling, etc)

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