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Apple "Regarding the speech, it is amazing to hear Steve Jobs talk about some things that were not fully realized until only a handful of years ago. This talks shows us just how incredibly ahead of his time he was. I've listened to the entirety of the recording a few times now and have taken extensive notes, of which I will further elaborate on in future blog postings." This 1983 speech by Jobs is not as visionary as it seems. It's virtually identical to Alan Kay's mind-blowing Dynabook vision... From 1968. Kay even describes multitouch (p. 8) and Siri (p. 6). Not entirely coincidentally, Kay joined Apple in 1984. Look people, Steve Jobs was an incredibly talented individual that left a real imprint on the world - you don't need to make him larger than he was.
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by sicofante on Thu 4th Oct 2012 07:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Laurence"
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And so we're back to square one. Everybody is trying to remember Jobs as a "visionary", when he mostly "envisioned" obvious things many others were envisioning at the same time or well before him. Instead, Jobs should be remembered as the guy who made some of those visions come true, by hiring the right people (starting by Woz...), selling the products well and all the other stuff a good CEO is supposed to do.

I "invented" the Google Street Car and View many years before Google even existed, and I shared that "invention" with a number of people that would testify I did. I never took it to the market, because I'm lazy, so it just doesn't count at all. Point being, what's important is actually executing the "inventions" and "visions". All of us have great ideas every now and then. That doesn't make us so special. Jobs wasn't either in that regard.

Remember the guy for what made him different (a great CEO and sales pitch genius), not what make him equal to so many people.

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