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Microsoft "This week marked the real launch of the new home page. And as someone who has been involved on and off with the project from the moment it was conceived, I thought I'd tell you the story, albeit extensively abridged, behind the new Grab a seat." I love the new Microsoft site. It looks very clean and focused.
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RE[3]: Comment by marcp
by marcp on Thu 4th Oct 2012 08:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by marcp"
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Well, not exactly.

First of all: we're talking about Microsoft here.

But if you really want to escape into the realm of other companies, then ok, I will follow your escape from the main topic.
Yes, indeed, others do it too, just like Microsoft. The thing is that this type of behaviour is closely tied to lack of self esteem and lack of faith in your product.
You see, companies are almost like humans, in a way. They have people in charge, too. Thus, they 'behave" just like humans. And now, think for yourself, without escaping to conformistic "facts about the reality", "the way things are": do you really need to bash others when you have a really great product you are proud of? do you have to fight others if you are absolutely sure that you created something great and uncomparable to other products? do you need to sue others? do you need to band others from selling their products? do you affraid of "copying" in such case? the answer is simply: NO.
You need to be unsure of your product. You need to feel that others have something as equal to your products as it gets. You need to feel ... threatened. Now, you get it?

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