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Windows "Microsoft doesn't understand that people travel around the world, and are hugely sentimental about things they've paid for. Here's a list of some services that are affected by Windows Live ID billing region locks and what you will lose if you move countries." It ain't pretty.
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RE: Not Only MS
by anda_skoa on Thu 4th Oct 2012 16:17 UTC in reply to "Not Only MS"
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All big companies need to realize this. More than that, they need to understand that there is this thing called "the internets"

The problem is not that they do not understand, the problem is they do and are scared to their bones.

Regional restrictions are all about market control, or more precisely making sure producers control the market, not consumers by artificially restricting what people can buy from which vendor or through which distribution chain.

For example increasing short term content licence profits by stricking exclusive distribution licence deals for certain regions. The exclusive licence cost more but the now exclusive distributor can pass that on to the consumers because they don't have a choice to buy elsewhere.

The exclusivness is thenenforced by technical means such as DRM, region codes, Geo IP, or administrative hurdles such as needing a credit card or bank account for that region, or, in the worst case, through legislative means (e.g. making it illegal to circumvent ineffective technical or administrative hurdles)

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