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Windows "Microsoft has started sending out invites to a special 'Surface Reception' event on October 25th. Alongside a Windows 8 introduction, the software giant will launch its highly anticipated tablet at midnight on October 26th - according to a company spokesperson. Some of Microsoft's holiday pop-up stores will open for the Surface launch at midnight, with other Microsoft Stores selling the tablet on October 26th." Very curious about pricing. That's going to be the key.
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It's no-go
by wocowboy on Fri 5th Oct 2012 10:13 UTC
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I don't care what Windows 8 or whatever costs, I will NOT be buying into this mess. Having used the previews the past few months, I have to say the general public is not going to go for it either. It's just a mess of interfaces, gestures that have no place on a desktop or laptop but might work on a tablet or phone. I will stick with 7, my Linux, and my OS X and their configurability, infinitely adjustable multiple windows and everything else that makes Microsoft's current OS so much better. I am not some luddite that does not like change, that change just has to be for the better, and the Metro interface, while good for a tablet, is completely worthless on a laptop or desktop, with its schizophrenic interfaces and hidden menus and controls.

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