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General Development "Everyone seems to have a replacement for JavaScript - Google even has two. Now Microsoft has revealed that Anders Hejlsberg has been working on a replacement and it has released a preview of TypeScript. TypeScript is open source - Apache 2.0 license - and a superset of JavaScript. As you would expect from a Hejlsberg language it incorporates type checking, interfaces and lots of syntactic sugar."
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RE[5]: Does this fix the DOM too?
by zima on Sat 6th Oct 2012 17:10 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Does this fix the DOM too?"
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While I don't like the walled gardens of the mobile platforms, they are not new to me.
This is how the games industry works since the famous crash in 1982.

Hm, but not so much in Europe (which you should know, I guess ;p ), that crash being North American; and generally the Europeans being largely into 8 and 16-bit microcomputers.
Only near/after the death of Amiga, our area really seemed to embraced games consoles - somewhat with Genesis & SNES, and then the craze of PS1.

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