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Linux "Don't you just hate it when you can't find a file you need, but you know it's on your computer? Wouldn't you like an easy way to track down files anywhere on your computer? If so, I have good news for you, a command available to you at the friendly Linux CLI called find."
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I hardly ever use "find" nowadays - it's *only* good for finding files you've just put on the system (in which case you know where they are!). For all other cases, as long as the "updatedb" command is cron'ed on your system, you can search a snapshot from overnight with something like "slocate mp3".

Sadly, I suspect a lot of people have been complaining in Fedora Core about anacron kicking in 65 minutes after a "first reboot of the day" and running /etc/cron.daily/slocate.cron (which causes a fair chunk of I/O for a couple of minutes). This moaning has led to Fedora Core 4 shipping with the updatedb cron job disabled by default, which is a tragedy really, because then people like Joe Barr would never discover it (slocate won't work if updatedb has never been run).

Oh, to re-enable it in FC4, set DAILY_UPDATE=yes in /etc/updatedb.conf - it's the first thing I did after FC4 was installed...

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