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OSNews, Generic OSes Contiki is a lightweight open source operating system designed for the 'Internet of Things': Networked, low-power embedded devices. It's been used for smart grids, smart streetlights, badger tracking systems and connecting a Gameboy to the Internet. Computerworld Australia recently caught up with its creator, Adam Dunkels, to talk about the system's history and future plans, as well as a new company he's founded, Thingsqure, which hopes to make creating applications for the Internet of Things as easy as creating apps for smartphones.
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RE: My gripe about Contiki...
by abstraction on Sun 7th Oct 2012 12:05 UTC in reply to "My gripe about Contiki..."
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Also if you want the IPv6 part you have to pry that out as well. A friend of mine did that previously because he wanted to use it for some project of his and he still keeps it around.

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