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Windows Paul Allen, one of Microsoft's co-founders who left the company long ago, has posted on his blog about his experiences with Windows 8. He (surprise) likes it, but he does note a number of shortcomings and oddities - all of which are spot-on. However, he fails to address the core issue with Windows 8: it's forcing users to drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.
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RE[2]: I dunno man...
by marcus0263 on Sun 7th Oct 2012 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE: I dunno man..."
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"For a power user, Metro is like a super fast start menu.

What a load of crap, the start menu has been instant for years. Sorry but you can't get faster than instant.

The start screen in Windows 8 is an abomination, like a combination of adware and the shortcut organization skills of a 5 year old.

In Windows 7 I can read a document and then launch the start menu without being distracted. In Windows 8 you get a UI that takes over your workspace and screams DID YOU WANT TO LAUNCH ANY OF THESE GIANT ANIMATED ICONS??? .

It's so fucking awful, please stop trying to convince us that Microsoft's piss is lemonade. Windows 8 reduces productivity because productivity is not the goal. The goal is to compete with Apple instead of serving customers. Ballmer/Sinofsky will fail at this goal and infuriate their customer base. Get ready for the wrath of Fortune 500 companies when they see what Microsoft expects them to put up with.

Personally I'm wondering why someone didn't/hasn't stood up to Ballmer and said -

It's called W-I-N-D-O-W-S

If I wanted/needed an OS on the desktop that monopolizes the entire desktop I'd still be running MS-DOS. Metro is fine on mobile devices with small "single" monitors but is useless on the Desktop. I've tried opening my mind to it but after using it for some weeks (and yes I've even tried 3rd party hacks for a traditional desktop) it's truly a piece of kludgy miss mashed shit. Most business's will reject it (MS's bread and butter) and other than the MS fanboy's home users will reject it also, this may be what gets Ballmer shit canned. This will replace "New Coke" as one of the biggest failure's ever.

You know as much as I dislike Apple at least they have the common sense separate the Desktop interface and the Mobile interface.

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