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Apple Beautiful video tribute and written message from Tim Cook regarding Steve Jobs, who passed away one year ago today.
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RE[7]: I get it
by rimzi on Sun 7th Oct 2012 21:52 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I get it"
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What happened to Samsung was totally deserved.
It's not round corners and dumb lawyers or jury.

Samsung copied iPhone almost to the last milimeter.

They did a clone of the iPhone, a little better in quality when compared to Chinese clones, but in essence - they copied.

Apple is totally right when it goes after iPhone cloners and tells them to make their own phones.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 is a step to the right direction.
But Apple made them do it.

I hope we'll see more original phones, creative competition, and therefore, less litigation.

FYI, I am not an (exclusive) Apple fan. I own both an (older) iPhone and a (more modern) Android phone (2.2). I like iOS better because it has more unix in it, and can be used as a very portable unix machine with terminal etc. I cannot say that about Android.

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