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Windows Microsoft has its own Windows Phone 8 phone in the works, according to WPcentral and BGR. "Details about what it looks like, hardware specifications, launch times, etc. have not been shared with us by the person(s) who have provided the information. The only thing we do know is when compared to current WP8 hardware it's something unique." Seems elementary. Not a big vote of confidence for Nokia though.
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RE: how does this effect Nokia?
by zima on Mon 8th Oct 2012 00:46 UTC in reply to "how does this effect Nokia?"
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Middle-segment of the phone market.

Low end is something like Nokia 1xx ( ), 1208, 1616, or 5030 handsets - all running Series 30. Maybe also entry-level Series 40 phones, like 2323; maybe the lowest Asha, too (that would be 201, I think).

That said, Nokia obviously focuses also on the low end, on the above - but the "feature phones" on which you focused are the middle-segment of phone market (that includes most Series 40, Asha series; at least some Symbian smartphones, too ...though, from what I see, Ashas are starting to be called "smartphones" too, anyway - after all, if we'd try to be rigorous with definitions, even 2323 is more of a smartphone that iPhone in its first year...)
And who knows what are the exact plans of Nokia with those - Ashas seem decent, it is under Elop that the S40 platform nicely improved after many years of stagnation... (but loud pundits don't see it, in their atypical western places, with tunnel vision focused on ~US smartphones)

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