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Legal The failing US patent system is getting ever more mainstream - The New York Times is running a long and details piece on the failings of the system, especially in relation to the technology industry most of us hold so dearly. Most of the stuff in there isn't new to us - but there's two things in the article I want to highlight.
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in the previous piece you're advocating for the interim abolition of sw patents, thus for engineers in the sw field to become 2nd class citizens when it comes to intellectual property protection...

So are all artists, singers, writers and performers. You know... the people that have copyright protection and not patent protection.

Oh wait... but they're not second class citizens!!!

investigating the involved maths

Yep. Patenting the application of maths... What's next? Patents on using the plus sign to add two values of cash deposit value and account value in the bank? Brillant! You should become a patent lawyer.

what incentive do i have to come up with it first? what incentive do i have to come up with it at all?

Being first to market?
On the other hand, what incentive does an artist have creating a new genre? I meran, someone will take it an just copy it!!! Oh the horror!!!

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