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Apple Beautiful video tribute and written message from Tim Cook regarding Steve Jobs, who passed away one year ago today.
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RE[7]: I get it
by TM99 on Tue 9th Oct 2012 09:55 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I get it"
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Do you know the origin of the word "idiot"? It is from the Greek meaning to lack expertise or knowledge. I would say that perfectly describe you even though my post never once directly called you one.

Sorry, I am not a 'fandroid'. Never have been. Sorry, I have used Apple products since they began. I have also used Sun, Microsoft, HP, NeXT, etc. Sorry, I didn't take Jobs statements out of context.

Read this link:

It is quite representative of what the industry and media were led to believe by Jobs comments on the 7" tablets. Here is the relevant sentence: "Jobs was known to flip-flop on major ideas, and misdirect about potential business avenues, though his comments about smaller tablets suggested the company would never go that direction."

Look, enjoy your choice of computing platform. I would never want to deny you that choice. But, if you and others try to deny my choices, then I will call you out. And Apple's ridiculous patent 'victories' are going to continue to have a chilling effect on the future of choice in the computing industry.

It is always fascinating to watch the human mind go through defenses and projections in order to align its choices with the opposing reality of what is. That is delusion. ;)

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