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Legal The failing US patent system is getting ever more mainstream - The New York Times is running a long and details piece on the failings of the system, especially in relation to the technology industry most of us hold so dearly. Most of the stuff in there isn't new to us - but there's two things in the article I want to highlight.
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You do know why Apple started their part ...
by Sabon on Tue 9th Oct 2012 20:59 UTC
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You do know why Apple started their part in this right? It was after losing a court case and having to pay $100 million dollars because of mp3s. After that Steve Jobs said they were going to patent everything they could and do their best to never lose another case again. That and the whole Windows things.

Before anyone says anything about PARC. Make sure you are educated on that and how PARC was granted quite a few shares of Apple stock which they sold later for $16 million. At the time that was a lot of money. This was back in the mid '80s.

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