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Privacy, Security, Encryption As it turns out, new Verizon customers (although there are reports existing customers are getting notified too) have 30 days to opt out of something really nasty: Verizon will sell your browsing history and location history to marketers. Apparently, AT&T does something similar. Doesn't matter what phone - iOS, Android, anything. Incredibly scummy and nasty. I quickly checked my own Dutch T-Mobile terms, and they don't seem to be doing this.
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by WorknMan on Tue 9th Oct 2012 22:14 UTC in reply to "Wow..."
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Not to say that Sprint and T-Mobile USA wouldn't necessarily do the same one day. I'm just glad they don't right now.

How do you know they don't already? Hell, I would be surprised if they didn't. Just like we share information with each other (esp copyrighted content), these companies are going to share whatever information they have about us.

The sooner that everybody understands that sharing is inevitable whether it works for us or against us, and can never be stopped, the sooner we can all learn to live with the reality that privacy no longer exists, and never will again as long as the Internet exists.

Just like piracy, the question of whether it is right or wrong for these companies to share stuff like our browsing history with each other is irrelevant. It is what it is.

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