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Microsoft Steve Ballmer's annual letter to shareholders makes it very clear Microsoft is at a point of no return - and in the middle of a transition into a hardware company. "This is a significant shift, both in what we do and how we see ourselves - as a devices and services company. It impacts how we run the company, how we develop new experiences, and how we take products to market for both consumers and businesses." Line. Sand.
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RE[2]: In plain English
by kaiwai on Wed 10th Oct 2012 04:07 UTC in reply to "RE: In plain English"
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But surely Apple's kind of transitioning more into a software company. They mostly just sell commodity hardware at premium prices.

I guess you missed the announcement when they transitioned from PPC to Intel: "At the heart of the Mac is Mac OS X" - it is the operating system not the hardware that defines Mac. They haven't transitioned because they've always been a software company with a hardware division little more than a giant dongle to enable you to get Mac OS to work. The biggest problem as I see it is the the RDF is no longer present and their consumerisation of computers is eventually going to isolate a large number of long time Mac users who depend upon them to make a dollar - such as the creative sector. I've made the transition from Mac OS X to Windows along with moving my Creative Suite from Mac OS X to Windows pretty much showed me that the only 'constants' used to justify the entrenchment of Apple in the creative sector have more in common with old wives tales than genuine strengths.

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