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Privacy, Security, Encryption As it turns out, new Verizon customers (although there are reports existing customers are getting notified too) have 30 days to opt out of something really nasty: Verizon will sell your browsing history and location history to marketers. Apparently, AT&T does something similar. Doesn't matter what phone - iOS, Android, anything. Incredibly scummy and nasty. I quickly checked my own Dutch T-Mobile terms, and they don't seem to be doing this.
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by Laurence on Wed 10th Oct 2012 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Wow..."
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If people are that concerned about their privacy then trust shouldn't even be a factor. All of these privacy policies are worded in a way that leaves backdoors open and subject to change at any time without prior notice (ie: they'll tell you after the fact). Also, they're not going to give you ammunition to use against them in court. In theory those privacy policies are a nice little security blanket, but in practice they're usually worth little more than the actual paper they're printed on after you get through the wording and fine print.

Not sure where you stand in the US, but in the UK there are watch dogs like Trading Standards. If it's deemed that a company is deliberately misleading consumers (eg Comcast cleverly wording their agreement so customers are tricked into thinking no browsing data will be sold), then the offending company will be penalised.

In fact I'm fairly sure (though I might be wrong here) that ISPs got a warning over their "up to 20Mb" adverts in the national media (TV / newspapers / etc) because most customers were only receiving ADSL speeds due to ADSL2+ not being available in their area. And, on that occasion, I actually sympathised with the ISPs as I'm not really sure how you advertise broadband packages when different streets in the same town can have vastly different cabling - let alone the different towns across the country.

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