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Privacy, Security, Encryption As it turns out, new Verizon customers (although there are reports existing customers are getting notified too) have 30 days to opt out of something really nasty: Verizon will sell your browsing history and location history to marketers. Apparently, AT&T does something similar. Doesn't matter what phone - iOS, Android, anything. Incredibly scummy and nasty. I quickly checked my own Dutch T-Mobile terms, and they don't seem to be doing this.
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by kaiwai on Thu 11th Oct 2012 02:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wow..."
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You'd be surprised at how many of us support the better health care initiative. We're not all gun-toting toothless rednecks here, despite the stereotype perpetuated by those across the pond. I happen to lean Libertarian on most things, but on this I support our president's ideals, if not necessarily his implementation.

But here is the problem - I watch news from the United States on Sky TV (unrelated to BSkyB) and I see pole after pole pointing to a dissatisfaction with Obama's healthcare legislation then the pole numbers for the Republican candidate promising to scrap the legislation then the results from the congressional election where the Republicans have a majority off the back of feeding into the anti-Obama Care legislation. I wish that the anti-Obama Care was a demand for a single payer healthcare system but the feedback I've seen is that the US don't want any healthcare provided through the government because apparently all of us living outside the US are living under tyranny.

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