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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Does Android skew towards a younger demographic? The numbers might surprise you. According to comScore, 52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older. That is five percentage points higher than the iPhone. Near 55% Android tablets users are also older than 35." How is this surprising? Younger people tend to be more brand-conscious, and there's no denying that the iPhone is still perceived as cooler than Android phones. Also note that the cited figures are for the US, Apple's strong home market. I think the figures will look very different for Europe.
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RE: Demographics are juju
by pos3 on Thu 11th Oct 2012 04:03 UTC in reply to "Demographics are juju"
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wealthier people have a preference for the iPhone - How would this affect in USA? Does it matter how wealthy you are when you can get a subsidized mobile?

What i get is that young people desire iPhone looking at subsidized markets where price evens out. But prefer Android where they have to pay for it like India ;)

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