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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Just under a month ago I wrote a personal post about my thoughts on Firefox OS and why I think there is something 'magical' about what it stands for and the possibilities it brings to the table. This post is a follow-up that aims to cover much of the same ground but with extra detail and more of a technical focus."
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When the answer to "why?" is "because HTML5", I know that this happened because engineering was looking for a problem to match an existing solution.

HTML5 is great, and somewhat immature, tech. However, HTML5 in and of itself does not make a great phone.

It's also pointless to compare the speed at which a HTML5 app runs in Firefox OS with the speed with which the app runs in a Webkit browser on Android. How about comparing Gekko with Dalvik instead?

Also, let's stop with this "magical" business already. Steve Jobs could barely pull it off. People, we are not Steve Jobs. OK?

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