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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Just under a month ago I wrote a personal post about my thoughts on Firefox OS and why I think there is something 'magical' about what it stands for and the possibilities it brings to the table. This post is a follow-up that aims to cover much of the same ground but with extra detail and more of a technical focus."
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The article states "because it's possible", which isn't much better.

As much as I like the idea of a truly open Phone-OS I am not quite convinced that it will be as open as Mozilla wants it to be, due to the other players they have to deal with.

I also can't follow the "not being locked in"-argument. For one, that depends on how the data you use is saved and how easy it is to transfer/convert it to something/somewhere else. As history has shown, Open Source is no guarantee that you can take your data with you everywhere you go. While it's possible in theory, even if the data is "open", it is usually rather difficult for the casual user to transfer their data from one software to another, because so many still use their own format or database-fields and usually there are no converters available.

And in the case of Mozilla OS, of course people will be locked in, as there will be APIs specific to the OS. And as long as they're only available on Mozilla OS, people can't use any of the apps on anything else.

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