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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Just under a month ago I wrote a personal post about my thoughts on Firefox OS and why I think there is something 'magical' about what it stands for and the possibilities it brings to the table. This post is a follow-up that aims to cover much of the same ground but with extra detail and more of a technical focus."
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"As much as I like the idea of a truly open Phone-OS I am not quite convinced that it will be as open as Mozilla wants it to be, due to the other players they have to deal with."

This is why they are doing it, to prevent it from becoming even less open.

They are working on making every API available as a W3C standard. You want to have access to the webcam from Firefox OS ? You do that the same way any normal webpage/browser would do it. Because there is a W3C standard for that. I believe it is called: getUserMedia

And it is available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

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