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Apple The Verge reviews the iPod touch, and it's as good as ever. "This year's iPod touch is the best one ever, without question - Apple updated all the right things, and by giving the touch a big screen and good camera has made this mini tablet a more versatile device than ever. As a gateway drug into the iOS ecosystem, it does a great job of showing off all the iOS 6 features and apps, on a really solid piece of hardware. It's also a great way to get into the huge iOS ecosystem without putting an expensive data plan on your account - and thanks to iMessage, FaceTime, and Skype, there's a lot of communicating you can do just over Wi-Fi." The iPod touch rarely gets the spotlight, but I think it's actually one of the best and most clever products in Apple's portfolio. Not only is it simply a fantastic product, it also has zero competition. My best friend is pretty much in love with her iPod touch, and it gives her everything a smartphone has to offer without the burden of expensive contracts. For people like her, who do not want a smartphone and prefer a sturdy Nokia feature phone, the touch is a godsend.
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RE: Galaxy Player, 5.0
by ezraz on Thu 11th Oct 2012 15:12 UTC in reply to "Galaxy Player, 5.0"
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Or you can lock yourself into Apple's prison-farm (wallled garden with guard towers and razor wire) closed ecosystem. And that carbonized atrocity called iTunes.

I have an iPod. I haven't turned it on in months.

Fear Apple!?! Haha. The company you have all been declaring dead since 1986 is now the one to fear? Please. Apple got to their position by delivering tech that millions of people want, will pay for, and then enjoy and feel they were given good value.

Apple has a philosophy when developing a product that goes beyond the bottom line. Only recently has that philosophy inflated their bottom line so handsomely.

Monstrosity? My iPods haven't touched iTunes or been plugged in for about a year now. I buy my music and apps from the store, play music all day, and other than that leave iTunes alone. It's no longer needed for iOS management.

Razor wire? My sound files move wherever I want them with dropbox and soundcloud.

My mac laptops have been consistently better than mainstream PC hardware for over 10 years now. I live a mobile life, I see all kinds of kit, and the macbook pro is still the best for general use computing (including development).

So fear the "prison farm" of Apple all you want. I call it a nice neighborhood in a nice town in a nice country. I can leave whenever I want, if i want inferior products made from plastic with security and usability issues.

What you don't understand is that people who rely on and enjoy Apple products would buy most things with an Apple logo, because the logo generally means quality and design these days. Knockoffs are always knockoffs, 'free and open' or not.

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