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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Donating to software projects - or, more accurately, open source projects. It's hardly new, it's hardly rare, and I'm sure most of us have donated at some point. That's probably why Canonical has opened Ubuntu up for donations - but with a twist.
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"So, whoever is behind Kubuntu now is forcing KDE upon their users, and are evil?"

You've got that logic backwards...Kubuntu would be evil if it forced something like Unity or Gnome upon it's users.

You can count me in as an ubuntu user who was peeved when my gnome 2 desktop was not only lost in the Ubuntu upgrade, but also because there was no way to manually reconstruct what I had lost in either Unity or gnome3. They imposed new DE environments on us largely for their own benefit rather than ours. The "fallback" mode was nothing more than a crappy theme that didn't restore gnome2 functionality.

I can't blame Canonical for gnome's abandonment of the more mature gnome2 desktop. But I can blame Canonical for bad execution and disregarding user's needs. Consequently mint's user-centric focus really impressed me and I place more trust in them not to leave end users in the cold.

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