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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Does Android skew towards a younger demographic? The numbers might surprise you. According to comScore, 52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older. That is five percentage points higher than the iPhone. Near 55% Android tablets users are also older than 35." How is this surprising? Younger people tend to be more brand-conscious, and there's no denying that the iPhone is still perceived as cooler than Android phones. Also note that the cited figures are for the US, Apple's strong home market. I think the figures will look very different for Europe.
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RE[2]: Welcome to OS News
by ezraz on Thu 11th Oct 2012 18:27 UTC in reply to "RE: Welcome to OS News"
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just re-read your comment, i see you are saying that there are pathological buyers out there.

i totally agree with that. some of the newfound apple success are those types , who have had 7 phones and finally wanted to try (or could afford) an iphone. but once you have an iphone you usually don't keep jumping, you realize it's just a slab communicator and most of the fun is in the apps or the browser.

what i'm wondering is - if android really has 70% market share in the netherlands, does this mean that 70% of the population are follower fanboys, or 70% of the population are reasoned buyers, or 70% of the population were given a free android, or 70% of the population are actually androids?

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