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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's a long read - but totally and utterly worth it. After interviewing ten former and current Nokia employees, and combining their insider information with publicly available information, Sampsa Kurri has written a long and detailed article about the history of Maemo and MeeGo within Nokia, and everything that went wrong - which is a lot. It's sad tale, one that reads almost like a manual on how to not run a large company. Still, between the bad decisions and frustrations, there's a red thread of hope that leads to Jolla.
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Comment by ukki
by ukki on Fri 12th Oct 2012 10:06 UTC
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This is quite a sad read for someone once heavily involved in Maemo (have 770, N800, N810, N900 and N950). For me the N900, after all the rumors and speculation, felt almost magical to hold. And the effect hasn't really worn out. I still use it as my phone and haven't really found any potential alternatives to it. Sure some features on other phones make me envious sometimes, but N900 for me has too many advantages to list.

At the Maemo summit in Amsterdam they made Harmattan seem like something special. After receiving my N950 I pretty much lost all hope for the platform. For me N9 is just a bad iPhone copy. Swipe UI alone doesn't save it from total lack of originality. Aegis (which can be disabled nowadays) ruined the rest. And the WP decision meant the whole platform was a dead end anyways.

I guess Nokia can only blame itself for the situation it's in and as a finn it's sad to see it go. But nothing lasts forever and I still have my memories. And killer Nokia rubber boots that will probably outlive the company.

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