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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Since I love making it seem as if The Netherlands is in any way relevant anywhere ever, here's the most recent market share figures for smartphones, released today, covering the month of August (there's a graph showing the figures for every month from August 2011 until August 2012). The iPhone has a market share of almost 20% - but Android is ravaging the market, and now holds a market share of 70% (!). Nearly 75% of all Android smartphones sold in The Netherlands are made by Samsung. If you take the entire phone market - including feature phones - the iPhone holds 13% (up from 8% in August 2011) and Android 47% (up from 30% in August 2011). Windows Phone barely manages to hold on at 1%, and the BlackBerry dropped from 13% to 5%. Interestingly enough, in this combined feature/smartphone market, nearly 50% are Samsung phones. This of course doesn't yet include the iPhone 5, so the next set of figures will most likely show a spike for Apple. Still, if The Netherlands is in any way indicative of the rest of Europe, it's no surprise Apple tends to focus on US figures during its presentations.
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I understand what you mean by "windows flashback", but I actually think that the biggest risk to see that repeated comes from microsoft, not android. They still have a crushing monopoly over the desktop and the strategy with wp8 is clearly to try to use that monopoly to gain in mobile. Do not think for a minute that microsoft would be satisfied with being a "third ecosystem". I believe that they would rather go under than settle with being third, and before that happens they will have tried every dirty trick possible. If microsoft ever get close to 30% marketshare they will without a doubt start using the old tricks again. "Ain't done until lotus won't run" all over again, meaning increasingly difficult to use an iphone or android with a windows pc. PLEASE let wp8 stay below 5% until microsoft's desktop marketshare is below 25%, then they might do an "IBM" and I could finally start to trust that company.

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