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Apple Surprise, surprise - Apple, by default, tracks web browsing behaviour and location to better serve you ads. You have to specifically opt out of this tracking per individual iOS device that you own. Now we know why Apple has no problem with turning on 'Do Not Track' and not accepting tracking cookies by default: it has no effect on them whatsoever, because iOS 6 has its own independent user tracking mechanisms. Unlike what the Apple pundits claim, it's got nothing to do with respect for user privacy at all. Well paint me red and call me a girl scout: company selling ads tracks user behaviour. Shocker, huh?
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Otherwise, if you don't want them tracking, and don't donate, don't use their websites/products. Flash CM10 already, be part of an underground; run your own web-filter-proxy.. something even I do.

I agree that if people find this unsavoury (and in my view they should) then they should do something proactive about it.

Unfortunately one of the reasons that this bugs me so much is that it's a trend that leads to inevitability. Tracking becomes ubiquitous across all devices. Companies apply their best efforts to prevent you installing anything they don't like on your hardware. Governments get unchecked access to this data.

The best way to avoid the abuses of power that will result are to prevent the data being collected in the first place, in my opinion. But it's impossible to tackle this as an individual.

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