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Internet & Networking "With the fate of our beloved internet economy allegedly at stake, perhaps it's a good time to examine what Do Not Track is. How did the standard came to be, what does it do, and how does it stand to change online advertising? Is it as innocuous as privacy advocates make it sound, or does it stand to jeopardize the free, ad-supported internet we've all come to rely on?" Do Not Track is inherently flawed because it gives people a false sense of security. Other than perhaps well-known and accountable sites, nobody's going to abide by it anyway. We don't need nonsense like DNT - we need to educate people about that 'private browsing' button. Everybody's already using it for porn anyway; shouldn't be hard to let people know what other things it can be used for.
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Do not call?!?
by Alfman on Sat 13th Oct 2012 03:06 UTC
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"Back in 2007, a coalition of activists, academics, and lawyers approached the FTC to create an online equivalent of the successful nationwide Do Not Call list — a single list of opt-outs that all telemarketers had to respect."

I actually really *like* the idea of the do not call list, but it only stops telemarketers who actually choose to abide by it. I get these damned automated calls for "home security" at least every week, sometimes several times a day. The voice says "There's been a crime in your neighbourhood...".

I've been reporting these violations nearly every day for a year, they rotate between a handful of numbers, and I'm far from the only one who has these problems with these very same guys. You'd think they'd get a clue that I'm never going to buy anything from them...argh!

I pay for received calls, they come at all times of the day, sometimes when I'm sleeping or driving or on vacation. They are costing me time and money. At the very absolute least the FEDs should shut down this phone number, but no..the spammer's been using the same numbers without interruption since at least 2010. What have all of our DNC complaints yielded us? Zilch! The do-not-call list is self-enforced and toothless. I keep hoping if I file enough complaint's it'll finally end.

Sorry about this rant, but when I read "successful nationwide Do Not Call list", I just needed to point out the author's naivety - it only stops companies who respect it voluntarily.

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