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Internet & Networking "With the fate of our beloved internet economy allegedly at stake, perhaps it's a good time to examine what Do Not Track is. How did the standard came to be, what does it do, and how does it stand to change online advertising? Is it as innocuous as privacy advocates make it sound, or does it stand to jeopardize the free, ad-supported internet we've all come to rely on?" Do Not Track is inherently flawed because it gives people a false sense of security. Other than perhaps well-known and accountable sites, nobody's going to abide by it anyway. We don't need nonsense like DNT - we need to educate people about that 'private browsing' button. Everybody's already using it for porn anyway; shouldn't be hard to let people know what other things it can be used for.
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"That's why they allow you to report an unsolicited call, isn't it?"

You are fortunate that you don't have a problem with unsolicited robo-calls, I don't even know how many people have problems with them besides me (both my mobile and landline get them)... I suspect that IF you did get lots of unsolicited calls to begin with, you'd probably find the do-not-call violation reporting useless, unfortunately.

"If they don't, they can get in trouble."

The trouble is they don't get in trouble.

(quoted from another post)
"In that case, probably nothing short of changing your phone number and making sure right from the start that it's not listed in the phone book is going to help."

Well, mine isn't listed, and since hanging up/unsubscribing has never worked, I try to get to a live operator to get them to take me off their list, they usually hang up when they find out I want them to stop calling, but one of them told me "I cannot take you off the list, there isn't one". They must be literally going through phone permutations for a given area code.

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