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Zeta "The BeOS obsession is still an unsolved mystery to me. I threw open the crypt and ventured inside, but I left without revelation. Once I got ZETA to boot, yes, it ran reasonably fast, but whatever bug infects people with love for this OS didn't bite."
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...Zeta I get all watery-eyed. ;) I am a Mac user now and I soooooo badly miss my BeOS. If I could do all I need to do with it for work I would be using it now.

Don't get me wrong, OS X is quite good. BeOS was just, well, special. Still is. Got my 5.0.3 pro CD just waiting for it's moment again.

I sure do hope Haiku pulls through. Man, if they are able to cough up a Beta this Spring I will be ecstatic!!!


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