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Microsoft Microsoft's first Surface television advertisement debuted last night in the US. Apparently, it's for an iPad keyboard that makes a clicking sound. Honestly - I have no idea what non-techies are supposed to take home from this.
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I liked it
by earksiinni on Tue 16th Oct 2012 13:56 UTC
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Then again, I also thought Zune was visionary.

Two totally irrational, gut-level associations I made while watching:

1. Doesn't the main actor in this clip (skinny tall guy in the blue sweater at the beginning) also play a really, really creepy role in some movie? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I found that unnerving.

2. Did anyone else feel like this was filmed in Brasília? (My apologies to the Brazilians here, it's clearly not Brasília, it's just the vibe that I got. Has a very Niemeyer-esque feel to it, albeit less curvy.)

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